Pocketful of Miracles

- No. Not till I get my letter.
- Shall I call the police, Mr Cole?

Send for the police. I'm no criminal.
I haven't done anything.

Please, mister.
I don't want to make any trouble.

I just want my letter, that's all.
It's from my daughter, see.
It came all the way from Spain. She...
She thinks I'm somebody.
Yes, Mr Cole?
Do you recall a letter
addressed to a Mrs Manville?

- Mrs E Worthington Manville.
- E Worthington...

Why, yes. It came this morning.
- You see? I told you.
- Let her have it.

God bless you. God bless you!
- What are you waiting for? Get the letter.
- But I sent it back.

- You sent it back?
- I returned it marked "Party not known".

You can't send it back. She'll find out
that I don't live here. Don't you see?

Shh. Please.
- Has the mail gone out yet?
- Yes. The boy picked it up a twinkle ago.

Look. There he is now.
Boy! Yoo-hoo! Stop!
She can't do that in here. Stop her.
Don't put any more letters in that box!
Where do you think you are? Madam!
There it is. I'd know it anywhere.
- Thank you, sir.
- Leave this hotel at once.

Bless you, sir.