Pocketful of Miracles

Just as I said:
With Prohibition repealed,

you'll see our streets
full of nasty old drunks like that.

Listen, Flyaway. Are you the smartest
agent in town, or you're just a lot of talk?

Your butter I don't need.
You want four bodyguards?
They get 100 a week, I get 100.

- With guns.
- Then I get 200.

- Why you? They got the guns.
- What's guns? I got the permits.

All right. They gotta be from out of town,
dress nice and only shoot in self-defence.

You want four Tom Mixs.
- You don't owe me a favour?
- Do I owe you a movie star?

You were in deep trouble.
I sneaked you out of town in Little Switz.

- What do you want? My wife?
- Which one?

Who do you want protected?
But he can't know nothin' about it.
The boss.
The Dude? I wouldn't do that
for one million dollars!

- Hey, what are you talkin' about?
- The Dude is hot.

I never was here.
Get yourself the marines.

What? Hey, you creep,
where are you goin'?

It was all over town in two minutes.
He insulted a king.

King? What king?
Who remembers faces?
I don't remember...

- Queenie.
- It was open.

- Where's the king of New York?
- Where you been?

The Dude's lookin' for you.
He read Winchell.

Just returning a few items
I won't need any longer.

Two kings of New York, and one needs
a bodyguard? He ain't my client.

Flyaway, stay here. I gotta talk to you.
Hey, Flyaway, there's a 10G bonus.
Junior, what do you want?
I am here with two representatives
of our out-of-town friend, Mr Bigelow.

- Bigelow? What Bigelow?
- The Chicago Big... elow.

He wants to see the boss right away
to negotiate a deal.

Holy cow. The deal is still on
and the Dude ain't here.

Look, Junior, you gotta stall 'em,
because I gotta think in my head.