Splendor in the Grass

Your old man understands, Son.
What you need for the time being is...
...a different kind of girl.
When I was a boy, Son,
there was always two kinds of girls.

Us boys, we'd never even mention them
in the same breath...

...but every now and then one of us boys
would sneak off with a girl...

...and we'd get a little steam
out of our system.

No girl looks good to me except Deanie.
I know, Son.
I know.
I love her, Dad.
I know, Son, I know.
See, I don't want to do that.
Okay, I'll go to Yale.
But I want to tell you now,
I'll marry her as soon as I get out.

That's a promise.
-I want you to remember that.
-It's a promise.

It's a promise, Son. I'll send you both
off to Europe on a honeymoon.

-That's a promise.

Bud, I'll wait for you.
I'll wait for you forever.
I'll do anything you want, Bud.
Yes, it's a time of great prosperity
for us all, and we must give thanks.

But let us not forget Christ's warning
to the multitude.

"Lay not up treasures for yourselves
on earth...

"...where moth and rust doth corrupt...
"...and where thieves break through
and steal: