The Hustler

Thanks for the breakfast.
Two ships that pass in the night
should always buy each other breakfast.

Can I buy you another drink?
Another one for me and the lady.
You look different...
...more relaxed.
It's the lights and the Scotch.
How come you didn't catch your bus?
I wasn't waiting for a bus.
Then why go to the station?
For the same reason you went.
At that hour, you haven't got much choice.
Besides, I only live three blocks from there.
Where do you live?
I know where you live.
In a locker in a bus station.
What's it like living in a locker?
Do you always drink like this
so early in the morning?

Do you always ask so many questions?
Not always.
Sometimes I wake up and I can't sleep,
not without a drink.

The bars don't open until 8:00.
Mac, over there, has faith in me.
When I'm broke he trusts me.

Don't you trust me, Mac?
When I'm not broke,
I usually have a bottle in my room...

:42:42 which case I sleep very well indeed.
You talk kind of funny, but I like it.
I used to be an actress.
What do you do now?
I'm a college girl, two days a week.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to college.