Une femme est une femme

''Farewell, Camille.
Return to your convent.
All men are lying, fickle, false,
garrulous, hypocritical and arrogant.
In love, we are often betrayed,
often hurt,
and often unhappy.
But we love.
And on the brink of the grave
we turn to look back and we say,
'I have often suffered,
I have sometimes been mistaken,
but I have loved.
I have lived my life
and not some substitute
forged out of my pride
and world-weariness.'''

''She exits.''
Be right back.
Why do men always leave
saying ''Be right back''?

They're cowards.
It makes up for all women being ugly.
In that case, I'll sulk.
There, she's sulking.
I hope you realize I'm sulking.
I'm ignoring it on purpose.
Then there's no reason to sulk.
I'm not sulking,
so that you'll stop sulking.

Men always have the last word.
Women always act like victims.
In that case, I refuse to sulk.
Then I'll sulk.
- What do we do?
- Whatever you like.

I'll join you at the Zodiac.