Whistle Down the Wind

There's some very funny
people about these days.

Funny men and that.
I don't want you to be bothered
with anybody you don't know.

Kathy, what are you doing?
- Nothing, Auntie.
- What have you got under table?

- Nothing, Auntie.
- There's summat going on between you.

You know summat about it, too.
What have you got in your hands?
Nothing, Auntie.
Well, eat your tea properly.
And mind what I say. I don't want
you having to do with strangers.

Just mind what I say.
Yes, Dad.
Come on, you two.
Come on.
- Did you get the stuff?
- Don't shout. Yes, I did.

Got an extra bar of soap,
some toothpaste

and an individual fruit pie.
Oh, quick, put it up your jumper.
- Do you think Auntie'll find out?
- No, I'll say I lost t'bill.

- Do you think it's wicked?
- No.

How can it be, when we're
doing it for Him? Come on, quick.

Come on.