Wild in the Country

He's taken it out on Norrie
ever since.

But she got around him...
one time.

She got lost over the weekend with this
Fifth Avenue New York-type salesman.

He came through
in this big, new, shiny car.

I pretend like I don't know.
But I know.

That baby's father has
a big, green convertible.

- [ Chuckling ]
- That's the way it is.

I don't like to sound
like I'm braggin', but...

it's like I got two girls
with two roads to go.

You know what I mean?
Yes, I know what you mean.
Glenn, have you ever thought
there might be a third road?

What's that, ma'am?
What your mother wanted
for you-- college.

- What makes you say that?
- This does, your sto.

Glenn, have you any idea how good
this is? How much promise it shows?

Do you really mean that?
I mean, you yourself said
the grammar and spelling...

- was pretty bad.
- Spelling and grammar--
that can be taught...

but this has something
that can't be taught.

It has such beauty and power and
excitement! It jumps right off the page!

All you need is discipline,
formal education.

No matter how or what,
you've got to go to college.

It's not that easy. It takes money
to go to college. You know that.

There's such things
as scholarships.

Look, what I'll do--
Let me make a suggestion.

Take this home and rewrite it,
polish it up a bit.