Wild in the Country

- Hello, Mrs. Speery.
- Glenn.

- How nice to see you.
- Thank you.

-You been out to the penitentia again?

It's been
one of those long mornings.

- How's your new job working out?
-Just fine.

- I wrote Mr. Macy a letter
and thanked him for the job.
- Oh, good.

- Lunch?
- Had it, thanks.

- Sarah doesn't approve of you.
- Yeah, I know.

She likes to hose down
the porch herself.

What's this?
Uh, that's the sto, ma'am.
I rewrote it like you asked me to.

Oh, I'm very pleased.
All these things that are yours--
I can see a whole life in them.
- You read French, ma'am?
- Yes, I read French.

- And what are these--
your father's old medical books?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do you think this is art?
- Yes, I think that's art.

If you say so.
This play program--
- who is Paul Speery, ma'am?
- He was my husband.