Birdman of Alcatraz

Shut up!
Make one more move
and I'll take you off at the neck.

Robert F Stroud.
Breaking that window
was a serious offence.

It was hot. I was thinking of my lungs.
Did you think about the consequences?
You might have started a riot.

- Even a convict's got a right to breathe.
- Rights?

I don't think you know
the meaning of the word.

In 1909, in Alaska, you appointed yourself
judge, jury and executioner

and killed one... Charles Dahmer
because he allegedly beat up a friend
named Katie Malone... a prostitute.

You were transferred here to Leavenworth
because of an inferior record.

Now, I propose to give you a fresh start.
Such rights as you will enjoy are listed
here in my rules and regulations.

There are 86.
I suggest you memorise them.

I know 'em. They're the same in all pens.
They tell you when to eat,
when to sleep, when to go to the privy.

Precisely. And what you'll do
for every minute 24 hours a day.

You're going to be here
for nine long years, Stroud.

So with or without your cooperation,
I intend to make a man of you,

before you check out these gates.
You'll conform to our ideas
of how you should behave.

You'll learn the lesson now
or five years from now, but you'll learn.