Carnival of Souls

Then they put those
buildings up out there...

and made some sort of
a carnival there for a while.

That's years ago, though.
Just stands out there now.

I see.
I have an address here of
a rooming house. Could you direct me?

Oh, sure. Why, that's just
right over here a little way.

Been savin' it for you
since I got your letter.

Could've rented it
yesterday if I'd wanted.

Oh, it's fine.
It's just about
what I expected.

I knew
you'd like it.

This ain't no regular
roomin' house, you know.

I only got you and
Mr. Linden across the hall.

Each room's got its own
private bathroom, too.

You can take
all the baths you want.

I'm not one to fuss
about things like that.

Thank you. I think I'll be
quite comfortable.

Well, hope you'll
stay a while.

I'm downstairs
in the back part of the house,

so if there's
anything else you need,

guess it'll have to
wait till morning.

Good night,
Mrs. Thomas.