Carnival of Souls

What do you see?
Oh. Nothing.
Nothing at all.

- I've practiced all afternoon and it's gotten
me in a mood.

- You need some fresh air.
I've got to make a call
out past the lake.

Would you like to
come along for the ride?

You know that old
pavilion out there?

- Mm-hmm.
- Will we pass it?

Go right by it.
Stop and look at it if you like.

- I would, with you along.
- Good.

This used to be
quite a place.

-It's been deserted for a long time now.
-Will you take me in?

Why, goodness no.
It isn't safe out there anymore.

That's why they
put up this barrier.

It'd be very easy
to step around it.

- What attraction could
there be for you out there ?
- I'm not sure.