Carnival of Souls

I thought you were Mrs. Thomas!
Yeah, I wondered
when you asked me in.

I'm John Linden.
I'm your neighbor across the hall.

- Nice to meet you. Would you excuse..
- Hey, I, uh..

Just stand right there.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Mary Henry.

Yeah, I know.
I, uh..

I heard you tell Mrs. Thomas
you haven't ate anything yet, huh?

I just thought, bein'
neighborly and all..

I haven't eaten
anything either.

I just thought I'd
Ask you out to dinner.

That's very thoughtful,
but I can't accept.

I know we haven't met or anything yet,
but I just thought..

I'm sorry.
You'll have to excuse me.

There's a real nice restaurant right
down the street, and I just thought..

I'm the kind of guy
who doesn't like to eat by himself.

I've made arrangements
to eat in my room tonight.

Okay, if..
If you change your mind,
you just holler.