Carnival of Souls

but I had the strangest
feeling last night.

Yeah, I had kind of
a lost night myself.

That's funny.
The world is so different
in the daylight.

But in the dark,
your fantasies get so out of hand.

But in the daylight,
everything falls back into place again.

Let's have no more nights.
Or let's make them
more interesting, huh?

- Say, how'd you get
to be a church organist?
- I studied it in college.

I could've gone
to college.

I used to play
pretty good football,

but they wanted me to take
a lot of classes and things, you know?

- They're that way.
- I'm just as smart as the next guy.

But I just didn't dig what
they were teachin' in school.

And the thing I hated most
was "principal products."

Principal products?
You, you know, like,
"The principal products of Brazil are.."

Oh, geez.
Coffee, beans, snake oil.
You know, like that.

When I was in school,
I couldn't care less.

The only thing
I cared about was girls.

Didn't they offer
a course in that?

If they would've done that,
I would've graduated.

What's the matter?
Can you still taste the coffee?

What do you think?
I'm an alcoholic?

I just like to start the day off
in a good mood, that's all.

You must be
hilarious by noon.

I'm just the kind of
a guy employers want.

You know,
the happy worker.

Come on. Didn't I make
your morning happier?

This morning
you're exactly what I needed.