Carnival of Souls

You're gonna need me in the evenin' too.
You just don't know it yet.

I'll rinse off
these cups.

No, no. Just spoils
the flavor for tomorrow.

Thank you
for the coffee.

It was unsanitary,
but delicious.

Well, uh,
should've put some of
the germ killer inside.

Well, I hate
to leave so early.

Think you can
get through the door?

You got the wrong
impression of me.

Well, I meant because
you have so many things to carry.

Oh. Like I said,
I hate to leave.

It's been a pleasure, Mr. Linden,
but I'm sure you have to get to work.

- Don't you?
- Nope.

I have the whole day
free for shopping.

- Does the hem hang right in back?
We might change
the hemline a little.

The drape
is just fine.

it looks very nice.

I'm sure it isn't very chic to take
the second dress, but I like it.

We alter it a little here
to make it straight all the way around.

Do you want to go back
to your dressing room?