Carnival of Souls

I'll take her over to my office.
We'll see that she's all right.

My purse.
It was more than just
not being able to hear anything,

or make contact
with anyone.

It was as though...
as though for a time
I didn't exist.

As though I had
no place in the world,

no part of
the life around me.

And then you saw this...
this man?
You'll excuse my back, but I wanted
to get some of that written down.

I must have been
talking for an hour.

Anything else?
Anything you haven't told me?

That's all there is.
That's the whole story.

He's been following me.
That's all there is to it.

- It isn't that simple though, is it?
- What do you mean?

He could hardly have been
in the park this afternoon,

or one of us men
would have seen him.

And that night in the hallway,
you said yourself the landlady
came up a minute later...

and she didn't see him,
did she?

What are you
driving at?

It's been less than a week
since you were in a car
that crashed into the river.

How you got out of that
no one seems to know.

But that experience must have been
a serious emotional shock.

You think I imagined all of it,
don't you? You think I'm insane?

I didn't say that.
I don't mean that.

I'm a competent person.
If anything, I'm a realist.

I'm not given
to imagining anything.