Days of Wine and Roses

- Congrats on a very happy client.
- Look, Rad, I better-

- Could I talk to you for a minute?
- Shoot.

I don't know how to start it.
I know the Trayner thing has to be done...
...arrangements like this
have to be made, but-

But you'd rather not.
- I realize it's part of my job-
- Makes you feel dirty.

I don't blame you for a minute,
but I don't know what I can do about it.

Unless we put another man on there.
Could do that.
Some of the boys don't mind that.
Wait. I don't mean I can't do it.
I can do it.

That isn't what I meant.
It isn't that. I just, I...

You'd rather not.
Well, let's see now.

Look, not that I won't do it.
This is the first account of any size
that you guys have given me.

I think I've got a flash.
Nell. Get me Roger Acton, will you?
That's right.
If Roger goes along with this,
we've got your problem solved...

- ... to everyone's advantage.
- I don't want this to look like...

...complaining or-
I just started on the account.

- Roger may take a dim view of this-
- No, no.

He'll admire your integrity, if anything.
Believe me-

Thanks, Nell.

Got a little prob here with Joe.

You know, we put him
on that Trayner Drilling account.

Yeah. Says he heard
Trayner was delighted with you.

Well, here's the prob, Rog.
That's it exactly.
Says, "Same deal as Eddie, huh?"

He knows someone's got to, Rog...
...but let me pull something out of a hat
and we'll see if it hops.

- Joe?
- Yeah?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Come on up.
- Yeah.

- What in the world are you carrying?
- It's a few things to go with dinner.

Here, I'll help you.
- I was afraid you'd forgotten.
- I'm sorry I'm late.

I was busy having a couple
with my new client.

- Your new- You didn't¡
- Yeah.

- You're off the Trayner Drilling account?
- Yeah, I am.