H.M.S. Defiant

We seemed to have lost the fleet.
I want you to know the orders
for the fleet and for us...

...which are to escort
a convoy of timber ships...

...from the far side of Italy
back to England.

Timber to build ships
of the line, and frigates.

More like her. Defiant:
We must go to the place
of rendezvous...

...and see if the convoy is there.
If it isn't, well, we tried.

If it is, we'll bring it back...
...in the face of Frenchmen,

...or anyone else who tries to stop us.
- Back to your duties.
- Carry on!

Italy, Mr. Scott-Padget.
- Hello, I brought biscuits.
- Thank you.

- How long's it been?
- Day and a half.

- Scott-Padget's going soft.
- Wasn't him. It was Ponsonby.

- Oh, why?
- Pardoe, a ship!

Deck, there! Sail-ho!
Starboard beam.

A frigate and a merchantman,
both French, on the starboard beam!

Beat to quarters!
Mr. Scott-Padget, set all sails.
Give her every stitch.

I'll not have an officer
carrying a rope's end.

- All right there! Overhaul the gear!
- Very good, sir.

Set the gallants and flying jib!