How the West Was Won

Lily, I got to talk to you.
I found myself throwing in a winning hand.
I just never thought I'd do that for any girl.
How would you like to hook up
with a no-good gambler?

Oh, Hon, we are on our way.
I got $1,200 right here.

- What'll we do, open a gambling house?
- No.

A married man should spend
his evenings at home.

Well, then we'll open a music hall
in San Francisco.

- I can still sing and dance.
- No.

A married woman should spend
her evenings at home.

But we can't sit at home on $1,200 forever.
Have you seen San Francisco?
It's ugly, and it's small, and it's full of fleas.
It burns down about every five minutes...
...but each time they keep on rebuilding it
a little bigger and better than before.

It's alive and kicking
and nothin' can stop it.

And it makes you want
to build somethin', too.

A railroad.
A steamship line.
Somethin' to help the baby grow.
Cleve, on $1,200?
But we could start out
with a wagon or a rowboat.

With the help of the devil,
I bet we'll make it.