How the West Was Won

...we had to tie 'em tail-to-tail
just to drag 'em down the mountain.

Over a mile long it was,
that line of beaver pelts.

Mr. Stuart, my father could take the truth
and stretch it about six ways.

You sound just like him.
I'll take it you meant that kindly.
Well, I'd think twice
before I called you a liar.

Tell me somethin', talkin' about liars:
Why would a son of old Linus
get mixed up with a man like Mike King?

I know what you mean.
But Mike King isn't the railroad.
I don't think he knows that.
He's changin' the route back, is he?
I know.
But he'd do anything
to gain a day on the Central Pacific.

But he's not a fool. He doesn't want a war.
And neither do the Arapahoes.
I think I could get them to agree
to this change in route if...

...I could just sit down and talk with them
for a while.

- How're you gonna get 'em to do it?
- That's just it.

I need somebody that knows the language
and that they trust.

You wouldn't happen to know someone
like that, would you, Mr. Stuart?

Your pa could set a trap
like no man I ever come across.

Just coax 'em on, and wham!
You'd better do somethin',
so he'll know you're pledgin' your word.