Ivanovo detstvo

With lots of pictures.
Come here.
- Here. This one's about scouts.
- I've read it.

- How about this one?
- This one, too.

- And this one?
- This, too.

- You're lying!
- I'm not.

I was stuck at HQ all this time.
I did nothing but read for 3 days.
I got you a spring for the gramophone
at HQ.

Thanks, Katasonych.
It's under the bed.

- What's this, so big?
- An art book. Captured material.

- Any pictures in it?
- It's all pictures.

Give it to me.
You should've listened to him sprechen.
Like a real Fritz.

I wanted to make him an interpreter,
now he's in command of a battalion.

Are these Germans?

Yes, it's an old engraving.
They're Germans, all the same.
Look at this skinny one on a horse.
I saw one just like him
on a motorcycle.

Look, they're killing the people here,

It's just a painting.
I know them.

Who is this? A German?
He's either a German doctor,
or writer.

They have no writers.
I saw them burning books
on the square.

They poured petrol over them
and set them on fire.

There was soot in the air for a week
after that.

This writer lived
about 400 years ago.

Well, then maybe...
If they spot us,
our gunners will keep them down.