Jules et Jim

Circa 1912, Jules,
a foreigner in Paris, asked...

Jim, a new pal, to get him
a ticket to the Fine Arts Bal

Jim did and took...
him to get a costume
As Jules chose his slave outfit,
Jim's friendship for Jules was born.

and flowered at the ball where Jules
sat with tender, laughing eyes.

Next day, they had a real talk
and began to meet daily.

Each taught the other
his language and literature...

sharing and translating
their poems together.

Both were indifferent
to money and...

neither had ever found
such an attentive listener.

Jules had no girlfriend
but wanted one

Jim had several
He introduced him
to a musician and...

their mutual crush lasted a week
Then came a pretty thing...
who outlasted them
in the cafes till 6:00 AM

Then they made a threesome
with a blonde widow

She thought
Jules was nice but dumb...

and found him a quiet girl
whom he found to be too quiet

ln spite of Jim's advice,
Jules visited some pros...

but found no satisfaction there.
Get to work!
No more paint!
They'll say anarchists can't spell!
Merlin's after me!
He's big! Run!
Can l sleep at your place?
l'm Teresa.

lndeed! But l have a date
elsewhere tonight

So Jules'?
- Who's Jules?
- Me

- And you?
- Jim

- Jim and Jules!
- No! Jules and Jim!