Kid Galahad

What's the matter with you?
There ain't nothing the matter with me.
Look. See?

Bag of sunbeams every morning.
- Where's Willy?
- He went shopping in the village.

At 7:30 in the morning, he goes shopping?
Well, he says it improves his credit
at Sperling's market.

You see, later in the day
the old man gets tired, and he can be tough.

- Lew, I asked you what's wrong.
- Please, Dolly...

I got 10 human tigers out there
waiting for my fatherly advice.

You know, there ain't nothing worse than a
suspicious dame first thing in the morning.

I'm sorry to barge in like this, ma'am,
but I couldn't get the bell to work.

That's the way it's supposed to be, soldier.
It keeps the guests from throwing punches
at the wrong time.

It's a nice place, you know. Real nice.
- Where?
- Here.

That's what I thought you said.
I was wondering if I could see Mr. Grogan.
He isn't here right now.
Are you a fighter?
No, ma'am. I just got out of the army,
and just happened to drop by.

I see.
Well, he should be back pretty soon.
You want a cup of coffee?

If it wouldn't be too much trouble,
yes, ma'am.

- Sugar?
- Thank you.

I guess I did gulp it down in a hurry,
didn't I?

Either you gulped it down in quite a hurry...
or you're the first two-legged horse
I've seen this year.

How long has it been
since you've had a meal?

It's not like that, ma'am. Honest. I just...
I got in town kind of early this morning.
There was nothing open.

Don't apologize.
Okay, soldier, come on.
The one thing about keeping chickens,
you never run out of breakfast.

You got some food for the army, Maynard?