Kid Galahad

Yeah, I know. 16 knockouts in Australia.
- I never said that.
- Please, Willy, I'm asking him.

Seventeen straight knockouts in Australia.
I can read, too.

Thanks, Lew. It never hurts to be accurate.
Who did you fight in Australia, kid?
A pack of sick kangaroos?

He fought guys that'd make the skin
stand up on your head.

- Name one.
- Name one.

Elio "Tarzan-Boy" Pincus, for example.
Elio was a sensation until this kid...
Willy, I don't want to hear anymore
of your double talk. You name one.

Don't answer that.
You've got your constitutional rights.

Are you trying to bug my boy five
minutes before he steps into the ring?

You want to take that up
with the boxing commissioner, right now?

- Willy this is my fight...
- And that's my fighter.

A clean-cut American boy,
straight out of the army.

What'd you think when you read
all that phony publicity about yourself?

You mean about the 17 knockouts?
At first, I kind of felt sorry for Willy.
- Sorry for him?
- He's not a bad guy, Lew.

Maybe he's got reasons for being a liar.
- It'd be nice if we could help him out.
- Help him out?

How about you? Look at that.
Suppose you step out there in that ring...
and Ezzard Bailey separates you
from what little brains you got left, huh?

I've been thinking about that, too.
Galahad, you're a bum.
Why don't you go home
and get your shield?

Oh, Galahad!
Oh, Galahad.
Don't let it bug you, kid.
Cream puff from Cream Valley. Go on home.
Rub your shoes in the rosin.
Make it look like
you know what you're doing.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the feature attraction...

the main event of the evening...