Lawrence of Arabia

Lord Allenby, could you give
a few words about Lawrence?

What, more words?
The revolt in the desert...
...played a decisive part
in the Middle Eastern campaign.

Yes, sir, but about
Colonel Lawrence himself.

No, no. I didn't know him well,
you know.

Mr. Bentley, you know as much
about Lawrence as anybody.

Yes, it was my privilege to know him.
And to make him known to the world.
He was a poet, a scholar
and a mighty warrior.

Thank you.
He was also the most shameless
exhibitionist since Barnum and Bailey.

You, sir. Who are you?
My name is Jackson Bentley.
I overheard your last remark
and take the gravest exception.

-He was a great man.
-Did you know him?

No, I can't claim to have known him.
I had the honour to shake his hand
in Damascus.

Knew him? I never knew him.
He had some minor function
on my staff in Cairo.

Michael George Hartley...
...this is a nasty, dark little room.
That's right.
We are not happy in it.
I am. It's better than
a nasty, dark little trench.

-Then you're a big noble fellow.
-That's right.

Here is William Potter
with my newspaper.

-Here you are, Tosh.

Would you care for one of
Corporal Hartley's cigarettes?