Lawrence of Arabia

Find Prince Feisal.
Good. And when I've found him?
Find out what kind of a man he is.
Find out what his intentions are.
Not his immediate intentions.

That is Colonel Brighton's business,
not yours.

I mean, his intentions
in Arabia altogether.

That's new.
Where are they now?
Anywhere within 300 miles of Medina.
They're Hashemite Bedouins.
They can cross 60 miles of desert
in a day.

Thanks. This is going to be fun.
Lawrence, only two kinds of creature
get fun in the desert:

Bedouins and gods, and you're neither.
Take it from me.

For ordinary men,
it's a burning fiery furnace.

No, Dryden. It's going to be fun.
It is recognized that you have
a funny sense of fun.