Mondo cane

'' neglect
your respectable engagements

and to be here with us,
remembering and celebrating

one of the many children
that this generous land

gave to the world
of culture and art.

Rodolfo Guglielmi,
a son of this land... ''

We are at Castellaneta,
in the province of Taranto,

where Mister Semeraro,
vice minister
of the cultural affairs,

is commemorating the honorable
citizen Rodolfo Guglielmi,

son of the late Giovanni
and Gabriella Barbi,

born here on May 6, 1895,
who died in America
on August 15, 1926.

''...But his persistence,
his energetic nature,
prevailed and captured

the attention of those who
worked in the movie industry

then starting to come to life.
...his path was not spread
with roses,

but there were thorns,
and many of them.

The Latin actors were given
the most hateful roles: