Mondo cane

when the tribal chiefs
announce that finally,

after 5 years of waiting,
the meal is ready.

Someone thought
about the children,

and gave up eating the bladders.
Maybe playing soccer
is also an instinct

as ancient as hunger.
Here too, the chiefs
are allowed to eat

as much as they want.
As long as they do it
without looking hungry,

as they are an example
of good eating manners.

Along with the tribal chiefs,
the dogs enjoy a special
treatment too.

lt's maybe some sort
of gentle feeling,

something unexpected
among so much cruelty,

so, we'd be happy
for having discovered it.

Or maybe, these are just
the dogs of the chiefs.

Then we wouldn't have
discovered anything new.

But the country
where compassion for dogs

goes beyond the limits of
human imagination is America.

We are in the canine
cemetery of Pasadena,

in the outskirts of Los Angeles.
The same that inspired
Evelyn Waugh's famous book.