Mondo cane

You will teach me the secret
of your elegance wherefore

you can seduce your men.
l will teach you the secret
of my dance wherefore

l seduce mine.
Come, come to learn the Hula.
This, ladies and gentlemen,
is the Hula.

You think it's too difficult?
Of course,
ladies and gentlemen,

but nothing is impossible
as Abraham Lincoln used to say.

Look at that dancer.
She's the best in the island.

But, ladies and gentlemen,
when she was a child,

she was struck by polio
and do you know what

had the power to free
her poor crippled limbs?

The Hula,
ladies and gentlemen.

The Hula and her willpower. ''
They listened, clapped,
had fun and got moved,

exactly as it was written
in the program.

And now that the program
prescribes a Hula lesson,

they go to learn Hula,
nice and diligent.

This candid generation
of once hard workers now

believe in the Hula, in theirs
and other people's happiness,

while they enjoy
a little murdering rest,

with their first symptoms
of arthritis.

They still believe
in this tropical paradise

that they have destroyed
and where the only real,

genuine native dance we can
still attend, is this one.