Mondo cane

After six hours
of cold steel training,

Sergeant Rhuba Narcktitle
is being made up as a woman.

The situation
is pretty embarrassing,

for a fierce warrior who,
only a few years ago,

during the war against
the Malaysian communists,

decapitated 36 partisans.
But today is
a national holiday

and the tradition wants him
to celebrate it with a dance

in a woman's costume.
The fierce Gurkhas
live in the mountains of Nepal.

For one and half century,
they have been mercenaries

under the English empire.
According to the tradition,
their celebration must be

attended by
all English officers,

their commander-in-chief

Seeing them in this circumstance
and dressed like women,

nobody would believe
they are the fiercest

and most faithful soldiers
in the world.

Still, during the last war,
when they were captured

by the Japanese, 300 of them
preferred to be decapitated

rather than betray
their promise of loyalty

to her British Majesty.
Today is the anniversary
of that memorable day

and the Gurkhas celebrate it
with great solemnity.