Mondo cane

Here, after hundreds of
centuries spent in the dark,

men discover, for the first
time, that there's a doubt,

a question they cannot answer,
sense of anguish,
unknown so far,

which is not hunger
or thirst or physical pain,

but that hurts,
nonetheless, like a wound.

lt's the anguish that follows
men from the beginning

to the end of world.
But they still don't know it.
Only yesterday
they discovered the world

and themselves and today
they need to believe,

to hope that they'll be better
in a better world.

But one fine day,
the aboriginal comes down
from the mountains and,

as he approaches the coast,
his experience runs across
hundred of centuries

in a few days.
Here, at the gates of
Port Moresby airport,

where the aboriginal ends
his journey through the time

and where he cannot find
a reason to all the things

he learned,
but saw too quickly,

the ''Cargo Cult'' has
burgeoned inside of him,