The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The bar is closed, Mr. Editor,
during voting.

You can blame your lawyer friend.
He says that's one of the fundamental
laws of democracy, no exception.

No exceptions for the working press?
That's carrying democracy too far.

A small beer.
Bar's closed.
Give me that bung starter.

All right. Settle down!
Sit down, everybody!

Come on. Settle down.
Since our legal authority
closed the bar on us,

I propose that Ransom Stoddard,
Attorney at Law,

come up here and run this meeting.
- I second the motion.
- I third it.

Ransom. There he is. There he is.
All right. All right. All right.
All right, now, if you want,
I can show you the rules.

The meeting will come to order.
Settle down please.

Mr. Peabody, would you keep
a record of the meeting?

Rance, please. There are other men...
Give me a drink.

- Bar's closed.
- Just a beer!

- Bar's closed.
- A beer's not drinking!

- Before we start...
- Sit down, Doctor, please?

I have a pencil right here.
Thank you.

You all know why we're here.