The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Well, credit is cheap.
Wait for me,
old servant of the public wheel.

Our shining hour is yet to come.
As for you, Horace Greeley,
go west, old man,
and grow young with the country.

Don't do that, Mr. Peabody.
Why are you out here?

Don't you know that everybody
is supposed to get off the street?

My inalienable right,
the pursuit of happiness.

Sure, but it don't go to the saloon.
Liberty Valance is back there.

You should hear
what he's swearing to do to Rance.

And he ain't leaving you out, either.
Go in and let the Mexican fill that.

But I doubt if my credit is good with
these Spanish-American gentlemen.

Sure, it is. He's my wife's
step-uncle by her sister's marriage.

But would you say something nice
about me in your paper?

My dear friend, Link Appleyard?
The fearless,
fighting marshal of the west?

Your name will go down in history
with Buffalo Bill.

Mr. Peabody's drunker than a skunk
over in that Mexican joint.