The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

He ain't eating tonight.
He "isn't" eating tonight, remember?
Isn't, ain't,
what difference does it make?

Ain't going to be no school anymore
with you leaving tonight.

Good evening, folks. Mr. Rance,
I have the buckboard out here.

I'll be waiting for you
if you need me.

Go, Rance. Go now, while you can.
Nora and Hallie
can finish the dishes.

Go. Please go.
I owe you for
three days' room and board.

I want to square my account. I want
to square my account before I go.

And those in England now asleep
shall think themselves accursed.

They were not here whilst any lives
that fought with us
on St Crispin's Day.

But when the blast, the blast of war,
blows in our ears and we summon up...
Liberty Valance. And his vermidons!
Liberty Valance taking liberties
with the liberty of the press?

- Had your supper yet, Peabody?
- My supper?