The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

- Pompey!
- Miss Hallie?

- Where's Mr. Tom?
- Down the road.

Get him!
Rance is out front with a gun!

Yes, ma'am.
You've heard of Gettysburg. 240...
Doc, Mr. Peabody's awful hurt.
He needs you at his office.

What's wrong?
Somebody have an accident?

So that's it. Another one of your
accidents, Valance?

I'm waiting for the day
when they'll call me for you.

Paid in advance.
$10 into the cans.
Liberty, what you did to Mr. Peabody,
ain't that enough?

Ain't that enough what, Mr. Marshal?
You all know that Rance Stoddard
couldn't shoot the hat off his head
with a gun in his hand.

You mean, he's got a gun in his hand?
I'm calling you, Valance.
Kings and threes.
Good hand,
but not good enough.
An ace is an ace. Thank you.

If you gun him down,
it'll just be pure murder.