The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

- Tom! Liberty...
- I know.

He wasn't going to kill him,
just nick him a little.

He was just gonna make a pass.
You saw that!

- That lawyer shot him in cold blood!
- Now, that ain't the way.

It was murder! Pure murder!
And I say if the marshal
don't put Stoddard in jail,

we ought to
take care of him ourselves!

- I say we ought to hang him!
- That's right! Hang him!

Give him a rope! Let him swing!
Can't a man get a drink
around this town in peace?

- No one's bothering you, Doniphon.
- You are!

Why are you paid? Drag this scum out.
You heard him.
Kaintuck and Highpockets,

- I deputise you to give a hand.
- Hand me that bung st... That's it.

Tell those ranchers north of the
Picketwire that hired you

that me, Link Appleyard,
run you out of town,

and I'll do it again
if you ever come back!

- Now look, Pompey, you know l...
- Who says he can't?

- Pour yourself a drink, Pompey.
- I don't drink no drams, Mr. Tom.