The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Now that you got your rope on him,
hang the horse thief!

Order! Order!
This is a convention,
not a rodeo, Langhorne!

Mr. Chairman! Mr. Chairman!
The chair recognises
its old friend...

that distinguished member
of the fourth estate...

founder, owner, publisher and editor
of the "Shinbone Star"...

Mr. Dutton Peabody, Esquire.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman,
for those kind words,

but tell them the whole truth...
founder, owner, editor
and I also sweep out the place.

Fellow delegates, like all of you,
I've listened in awe and admiration
to the magnificent oratory

of the Honourable
Major Cassius Starbuckle...

the cattlemen's mouthpiece.
The lowing herd is still with us.
But, seriously,
under the spell of his eloquence,

I could see once again
the vast herd of buffalo

and savage redskin
roaming our beautiful territory

with no law to trammel them
except the law of survival,

the law of the tomahawk
and the bow and arrow.