The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

One man!
And we have that man with us here.

He is a man who came to us
not packing a gun,

but carrying instead
a bag of law books.

Yes. He is a lawyer and a teacher.
The first west of the rosy buttes.
But more important,

he's a man who has come to be known
throughout this territory

in the last few weeks as
a great champion of law and order.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I nominate as your delegate and mine,

to the Congress at Washington,
the Honourable Ransom Stoddard!

Let's have order!
Get going, Starbuckle.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Thank you.
I see this demonstration,
but I can't believe my eyes.

Is it possible
that such a representative body

of honest, hard-working Americans
can endorse a candidate

for the Congress
of our beloved country

whose only claim to the office
is that he killed a man.

Do you call Liberty Valance a man?!
Order! Order!