To Kill a Mockingbird

you'll get along a lot better
with all kinds of folks.

You never really
understand a person...

until you consider things
from his point ofview.

Till you climb inside of his skin
and walk around in it.

But if I keep goin' to school,
we can't ever read anymore.

Do you know
what a compromise is?

Bendin' the law?
No, it's an agreement
reached by mutual consent.

Now here's the way it works.
You concede the necessity
of goin' to school...

we'll keep right on readin'
the same every night...

just as we always have.
Is that a bargain?
Therejust didn 'tseem to be...
anyone oranything
Atticus couldn 't explain.

Though it wasn 't a talent that would
arouse the admiration of ourfriends...

Jem and I had to admit
he was very good at that.

But that was all he was good at...
we thought.
See? There he is.
Come on inside.
Come on. Get in.
Mr Finch? This is Cal.
I swear to God, there's a mad dog
down the street a piece.

He's comin' this way!