Tower of London

- Buckingham, this blade.
- The crest of the Woodvilles.

Richard! Your brother is dead. Murdered.
Clarence was a man without enemies.
The blade bears a crest you know well.
The Woodville crest?
Do you accuse my name?
You accuse your Queen?

l accuse only this dagger and the hand
that wielded it, Your Majesty.

This will be a bitter moment for Edward
to take to his grave.

Come, Anne.
Not yet dead
and already the vultures strike.

Elizabeth, was power for your family
so important?

Please, my husband, believe me.
l am innocent.

Your family murdered Clarence
to usurp the power from my son.

- Edward, no!
- But Richard still lives to be Protector.

He will see that my son rules
as a Plantagenet, Elizabeth,

not as a Woodville.
ls it what men do that darkens the sky?
Or do the skies blacken the souls of men?
And do l laugh to myself
because l am ambitious

and would be a king?
Or do l laugh at myself?
A misshapen thing that traffics with evil
to gain a throne?