Tower of London

My oldest son is no more.
l bore him.
He fulfilled his promise and he died.

The dreams of Clarence died with him.
For him, nothing was fulfilled.
Yes, there was.
He knew your love, Mother.
Because he was capable
of loving in return.

And you think l am not?
You think my affection
is as warped as my back?

Do not keep Edward waiting.
Goodbye, my brother.
l envy you your peace.
Blood on his forehead!
See? There.
l see nothing.
What did appear, Richard?
Blood from your kiss?

- The mark of Cain?
- Blood? What blood?

lf there's no blood, then l do not
see it either. A shadow, perhaps.

One brother dies. One is murdered.
How did Clarence die?
As Cain slew Abel?
l brought this curse upon our house
when my womb conceived you.
Better l should have died in my labor
and never unleashed
your evil upon this earth.

You talk of evil?
You who gave me deformity
in a twisted spine and a withered arm?
Who possesses the greater evil?