Tower of London

- You were not seen?
- Do not think so, Your Majesty.

These accusations against me, Tyrus,
do you believe them?

No, Your Majesty.
A Woodville dagger is easily obtained.

And Richard will do anything
to come to power.

Perhaps murder a brother.
A brother's blood for the crown?
A fair trade to a warped mind.
Ambition in Richard is an ocean
which cannot be held back.

- Then you are with us?
- l am, my lord.

But l fear that Richard
is but at the beginning of his plans.

Then you see how important it is
that we all stay together.

My few remaining friends, l thank you.
Now guard yourselves carefully
and observe.

We will meet again.
Your Majesty. Lady Margaret.
Good night, Your Majesty.
Margaret, you must go home
to your father in Scotland.

- lt's not safe here.
- You know l can't go.

Yes, l know.
l wish you'd never left Scotland.

Then l never would have met you.
No fear can find me now.