Tower of London

Not with your eyes to watch over me,
your hand to touch my face.

The day comes so brightly.
lt seems there never was a night at all.
A good beginning
for the new Protector, my lord.

Yes, we must protect
the young Princes well.

lf something were to happen to them
the country would be in turmoil.
Yet l fear that unless something happens
to them, there will be turmoil.

England needs a man to rule.
And yet l am a modest man.
What could possibly happen
to the young Princes?

My lord?
Mistress Shore, you may descend.
- Mistress Shore?
- Yes.

l have something in mind
l think may interest you.

l trust that we did not take you away
from your duties to our mourning Queen?

No, my lord. May l offer my sympathies
over the death of your brothers?

Thank you. l suffer
but perhaps England suffers more.

They were great men.
But history does not pause.
The pages keep turning.

You could be of great service
to your country, Mistress Shore.

l? l am of no influence at court, my lord.
You underestimate your position.
Since the death of your mother
you are the only person still alive

who was present
at the birth of the young Princes.

- That is true.
- ln the pain of birth

a woman screams, cries out,
becomes confused in her mind.

She calls out the name
of the man dearest to her.

Often husband
but sometimes lover.