Tower of London

Unless our enemies to the north
are using weapons other than armor.

You have executed a most trusted woman
of this court without trial.

You say your motives are honorable?
Those who suspect treason in others
should first look into
their own hearts for loyalty.

The rumors will spread quickly.
lt was a brilliant stroke.

Who will know what to believe?
Are the Princes legitimate or not?

The doubt must be created
over and over again.

- lt shall be done.
- And what of Buckingham?

l couldn't read his face
when l made the announcement.

Does he follow in my shadow?
He is a clever man of much influence.
He wants to cast his own shadow.

l must know how he thinks
in order to trust him fully.

l will bring you a full report.
And one not colored
by your own desires, Ratcliffe.

- Did l startle you, my lord?
- No... You're dead!

Why do you retreat?
You were not afraid of me while l lived.

You're dead. l saw you die.
By such a ghostly weapon you will die.