Tower of London

My lord, the moment you seek is here.
You will face your torment.

Ask what questions you will.
The spirits will answer in flame.
When the fire rises up, the answer is yes.
When it ebbs, no.
Speak, my lord!
Tell me, will l be king?
Tell me now...
Did l kill my wife?
You lie!
You murdered your brother,
you murdered your wife

and the innocent woman, Mistress Shore!
Stop this torment or l lose my mind.
Help me! Protect me!
l would protect the sons of my seed
and all those who cross
your murderous path.

You don't understand, Edward.
l must be king.
l will be king.
Nothing on this earth can stop me.
He tried to kill me.
You saw it. He tried to take my life.
lt was an accident, my lord.
Who could be here to harm you?

You did not see my brother Edward?
l saw nothing but the explosion, my lord.
All else was in your mind.
Hold your ground, Edward!
Very good. You try it.
- Well done, Edward.
- Sir Justin, we must talk.

Continue till l return.