Tower of London

Have them join their mother
and not leave her side.

Do as Tyrus says. l'll return shortly.
There's no doubt then.
These murders all by Richard's hand.

A growing madness grips him,
he's caught up in his own violent dreams.

But it is the young Princes l fear for.
How can we protect them?

Not here. There's not a corner
of the Tower safe now.

- Westminster.
- The Abbey, of course. Sanctuary.

l'll have a coach for Margaret
to go to Scotland.

Lord Stanley must know
of this treachery.

Anne, without you l cannot bear
the loneliness of my thoughts.

The torture of my dreams
shrivels my courage.

Richard, hear me.
lf you need me, l'm here.
No, Richard.
Come to me where l sleep.

- The grave?
- Wake me, my husband.

Wake me from my sleep.
Wake me, wake me.
Wait, Anne.
Richard, hear me.
Do you hear my voice, Richard?