Vivre sa vie: Film en douze tableaux

Lend yourself to others and give
yourself to yourself. Montaigne

A café. Nana wants to leave Paul.
The pin-table

Do you really like the guy?
I don't know. I wonder what
I'm thinking about?

- Has he more money than me?
- What do you care?

What's the matter?
Nothing; I wanted be very precise
I didn't know the best way to say it
Or, rather, I did know,
but I don't any more

Just when I should know, too.
Does it never happen to you?

Don't you ever talk about anything
but yourself?

You are horrible
I'm not horrible, Nana, I'm sad
I'm not sad, Paul. I'm horrible
Don't just parrot lines.
This isn't a stage

You never do as I ask; you always
want me to do what you want

Anyway, I'm fed up. I want to die
- I mean it
- Parrot talk

Loving you is exhausting.
I'm always having to beg