Vivre sa vie: Film en douze tableaux

I exist, too. You say I'm cruel,
but it's you

Why do you say that? It isn't true.
When? On Sunday evening?

You know when... I begged you
to introduce me to that man

You did it on purpose
Yes, I did
I despise you
I'd just betray you again
Don't say that
I thought it was important to talk
to you, but I don't any more

We might have got together again
But the more we talk,
the less the words mean

If I make it on the stage,
it won't be thanks to you

Acting isn't everything
You, too! Why do you say that? If
it's what I want, why should you mind?

Someone may discover me one day
Well, don't give up.
Not like your English lessons

I haven't given up music
I'm not giving up. That chap is
going to take pictures of me

Maybe I'll get into films
- That'll be the day
- You are horrid, Paul

You really are... it's always
the same thing...

You say you love me, but you don't
think of me as someone special