Bye Bye Birdie

- Good-bye, Rosie.
- Good-bye, Mae.

Call me Mrs. Peterson.
Wear your rubbers.

That's right, Operator.
Miss Kim McAfee.

l'll tell her, Rosie, tonight.
lt's entirely up to you, Albert.
The line is still busy?

Yes, Hugo.
Well, of course
l'll always wear it on everything.

Oh, except my gym blouse.
Miss Turgnisht won't allow it.

Well, l have no plans.

l think l can get out
till about 10:00.

Oh, you have to be in by 9:00.
Well, c'est la vie.
Until tonight then, mon amour.
When you're a skinny child of 15
Wired with braces from ear to ear
You doubt that
you will ever be appealing

Then, hallelu jah, you are 16
and the braces disappear

And your skin is smooth and clear
And you have that happy grown-up
Female feeling
How lovely to be a woman
The wait was well worthwhile
How lovely to wear mascara
And smile a woman's smile
How lovely to have a figure
That's round instead of flat
Whenever you hear boys whistle
You're what they're whistling at
lt's wonderful to feel