... and Caesar's legions
destroyed those of the great Pompey...

... so that now only Caesar
stood at the head of Rome.

But there was no joy for Caesar
as in his other triumphs...

... for the dead which his legions
counted and buried and burned...

... were their own countrymen.
The smoke of burning Roman dead
is just as black...

...and the stink no less.
It was Pompey, not I,
who wanted it so.

Let what I have said be set down.
You may stand.
Do not try and impress me by looking
either too penitent or too proud.

As field officers,
you fought miserably for Pompey.

Men under your command will be
permitted to enlist in my legions...

...and returned to Rome as Romans.
You shall have the same privilege.
I'm not magnanimous. Your names
are marked. You'll be watched.

First sign of treachery,
you'll be killed.

What is it, Flavius? Antony?
Oh, yes. Canidius.
With news of Pompey, I hope.

- Hail Caesar!
- Drink that in my name, Canidius.

To all Marc Antony's cavalry,
Caesar's left wing and right arm.

What news of Pompey, or what's left?
Pompey's gone, Caesar.
Slipped through our fingers,
disguised as a peddler.

- Leaving most of his merchandise.
- Gone? Where?