Dr. No

May I, um,
let you know in the morning?
My number's on the card.
See if he's there, will you?
James, where on earth have you been?
I've been searching London for you!

007 is here, sir.
He'll see you in a minute.
What gives?
Me. Given an ounce of encouragement.
You never take "me" to dinner
looking like this, James.

You never take me to dinner. Period.
I would, you know. Only M
would have me court-martialled for

illegal use of government property.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
But don't stop trying.

- Now...
- What's all this to-do about?

Strangways. And it looks serious.
We've been burning the air between
here and Jamaica for three hours.

Oh. In you go.
Don't forget to write.
Good evening, sir.
It happens to be 3am.
When do you sleep, 007?
Never on the firm's time, sir.
Sit down.
Jamaica went off the air tonight,
in the middle of the opening procedure.
We've checked and...

Strangways has disappeared.
So has his secretary.
A new girl. We'd only just sent her out.

Was Strangways on something... special?
He was checking
an enquiry from the Americans.